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The Grayside Demons are a group of Urbandead role players. The group was originally founded by a now inactive user that went by the name of Kiablade. Before she myseriously dissapeared she left the group under the protection and guidance of the Demon Council and the head of the council Ezekiel Seraphin. Koryo is one of the last remaining demon council members and has taken the group under his wing as the self-proclamed new group leader, and leaving the position open for dispute. After months without dispute, Koryo officially became the group leader, with the intention of giving up the position should Kiablade or Ezekiel Seraphin return. The site was created by, domain is owned by, and the space is hosted on a webserver that Koryo has donated for usage. So far the site has been created in a day, and is not yet 100% complete, however it is operational for now. This page is to be completed.

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